Our Rutland Patient’s Reviews

Quality Dentistry

A cleaning you can look forward to. My childhood dentist was painful and scaring, These guys erase those fears. – Ian N

Super Professional And A Joy To Visit

I was satisfied with my previous dental office so I was totally unaware of how much better a dental experience could be until I had an emergency. I was about to leave on a cruise when I developed pain. I was going to tough it out but the pain got worse and a friend recommended…

Friendly And Professional

Had my 6-month exam and cleaning. Staff was professional and friendly from the minute I walked through the door. No waiting, I barely sat down when the hygienist came out to escort me to the chair. Good experience all the way around. – Eileen C

Absolutely Great Service!

I was having a problem with a tooth that needed a Root Canal and had heard so many stories about how much they hurt. I made an appointment thinking that I was just going for temporary relief for the tooth needed the root canal that was flaring up. I arrived and found the staff was…


Throughout a tough ordeal with a tooth, I felt confidence and compassion from the staff. They made sure I was comfortable by reaching out to me. Not the other way around. That is a rare quality of customer service. I’m happy they are my dental group! – Eileen A

Very Excellent Experience

I found the staff at Taconic Dental to be very helpful, kind and professional. The office staff were helpful and easy to deal with, taking time to give me information on all charges and printing out the info I need for my records. The Dental assistant was very kind and explained what she was going…